Check the “Current Season” tab for current auditions.


*  Make an audition appointment. 


Email or call (951) 296-0043.   Leave a message with the two-hour window you are available on the current production’s audition date(s).   Your audition time slot will be emailed to you.  You may audition prior to the first posted audition date if you are unavailable at that time.   All appointments should be made at least one day prior to the posted audition date.


*  Bring a 16 bar (approximately one minute) audition song with a backtrack CD (a CD without any vocals on it, just music).   Please sing something that you are comfortable with and that shows your vocal range.


*  Bring a resume.   This should list any theater, dance, acting, or singing experience that you have.


*  Bring a photo of yourself that we can keep.  A headshot or a school picture works best.   (This can be a photocopy.)  This is important so that that directors can remember who you are during the casting process.


*  Bring your calendar!   You will be asked to list all of your conflicts from the time you audition to the close of the show.  Please be honest and list all of them, as this will effect the casting process.   We will do our best to be as flexible as we can be.   However, if you add conflicts after the casting process, we do reserve the right to re-cast your part.


*  If there is a show fee, bring your production fee with you to the auditions.  (You can find this information on the individual show page.)   Your check will be held until after all roles have been accepted.   Anyone not cast in the show will have their check mailed back to them.


*  Callback Lists will be posted on the website.   Please be sure to arrive on time!   Once callbacks are completed, each cast member will get an email or text message asking whether or not they will accept the role assigned.    Once all roles in the production have been accepted, the Cast List will be posted.


*  Cast Lists are posted on the website as soon as possible after callbacks have been completed.   Please remember that casting is a complicated process, and not everyone will be happy with the end result.   Be sure to be supportive of each other, no matter the outcome!